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We have thousands of customers who have been extremely satisfied by both our customer service and the quality of our jewelry.
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       "After buying a collector's quality sapphire and diamond ring from them last year (which gets daily compliments), I returned to Garo & Raffi to create my dream 25th wedding anniversary ring.  I had researched for months the cost of the center sized
diamond I wanted with top quality parameters and never truly expected them to find something within my budget.  They not only found a gorgeous 2+ carat emerald cut diamond, but were able to set it in a halo setting within my budget.  I ordinarily am extremely hesitant to buy something before I am able to see it, but my trust and faith in Garo & Raffi was well-rewarded.  The finished ring is absolutely stunning and exactly what I wanted.  I have never seen anything close to this ring for the quality, and at a price that beats all other retailers (including on-line so-called discount diamond dealers).  I cannot recommend them strongly enough, especially if you are looking to make something custom!"
Carlene P

Hi Raffi/My Magician/My Guardian Angel,

   "I just wanted to thank you for all of your help with picking out my engagement ring today!  I know I was a bear to deal with in trying to assimilate Mike's grandmother's ring with something that "popped," but your patience, understanding, and skill helped us make a wonderful decision.  I have been staring at the picture of my finger all night and am SO excited to see the finished product... (and for Mike to propose so I can wear it!!!)

I also cannot thank you enough for your understanding and support.  As you know, an engagement ring symbolizes so much more than a piece of jewelry, and I was so set on finding something that told the story both of our family's history and our relationship, and set the tone for our future together (which hopefully explains my momentary breakdown!). Thank you for guiding us through the process and helping me find something beautiful that filled both roles, dried my tears, and has had me floating on air all night.  I truly love the ring!!

As a businessman, you never pressured us, oversold us, or made us feel uncomfortable in your establishment.  Regardless of referrals, we felt immediate trust in you and appreciate that you never took advantage of that.  I will always think back on the ring buying experience and remember your kind guidance, encouraging me to find a piece that I truly loved.  Had I not been in your hands, I perhaps would have made decisions that I would have regretted later, but you helped me find the perfect ring to set the establishment for a wonderful marriage!

I am SO excited to see the finished product!!"

JoAnn & Mike

   "When I learnt that Raffi was a jeweler, I asked, if he could resize a ring, a gift from my mother, that I couldn't wear for a few years and fix another beautiful ring that had a missing stone. I really wanted to wear it, but was not sure if it was possible to fix it. Raffi did an EXCELLENT job. After repairs both rings looked like new and fit perfectly. Raffi is a perfectionist, not only he fixed a ring with a missing stone, he also adjusted other stones to make sure they are not loose.

Raffi has been a jeweler for over 30 years and is very passionate about his work. Besides monetary, very often, jewelry has sentimental value. Raffi goes above and beyond to make sure his customers are happy with their purchase. I would recommend his services to anybody who wants to repair jewelry or wants to get new pieces for weddings, birthdays, and other memorable events.

Thank you, Raffi! and special thanks from my mom! She is happy I am finally wearing her gift."
Veronika T. - Waltham, MA

   "Raffi was fantastic to work with. My girlfriend (now fiancee) and I went to nearly every jewelry store in the building. We saw dozens (if not hundreds) of center stones and bands over multiple weeks. Dianne narrowed down which one she wanted and Bedrosian Jewelry not only had the stone we were looking for, but also had the best price for what we were looking for. We were blown away by this, because the stone we chose was stunning. It was not only D color quality, but did not have a single inclusion in it while viewing through a magnifying glass. Stone's of equal 'quality' at other stores were simply not as colorless or bright, had inclusions and were more expensive. Every Jewelry store says that they have the best price and the best quality, but that's simply not the case. If you take the time to really examine the stones you're considering, you'll find there are immense discrepancies even among stones that on paper say they're the same quality. This is why buying online is often cheaper, but far more risky and likely going to result in a lower quality stone.

We felt very comfortable with Raffi from the 1st time we walked in and met him. It was great working with him and we did not feel pressured at all to purchase anything. It's a good sized store with a good selection as well. There are some larger stores upstairs, which we visited, but from our experience they didn't have the same quality stones and were far more expensive than what we found here.

If you're reading this, it likely means you're getting engaged good luck! I hope you find what you're looking for ;)
Steven R. - Brookline, MA

     "My husband and I had a fantastic experience with both brothers, Raffi and Garo.

The first time we went in simply looking for an engagement ring. We had a price and look in mind. I brought my grandmothers engagement ring and promise ring as ideas of what I liked and no price range was provided. The second setting that Garo presented was perfect and he somehow hit our price range with out having to ask. I couldn't be happier with the stone quality and craftsmanship.

We were so happy we went in again for the wedding ring. Again, I had my grandmothers wedding band and I was planning to use the stones with a new setting. Raffi this time encouraged me to keep my grandmother's original band and stones. He said, "I'll take your money if you want me to, but I think the ring as is will look beautiful if we just clean it up.' He saved me easily $800 by offering to do this. I was worried that the band being white gold and the engagement ring being platinum would not look good together. He assured me that each year I could bring it in for a cleaning and plating for $25 to keep them looking similar. And best part was-- he was right. They look great together and it makes me happy each time I look at it or show it to another and say, 'This was my grandmothers'. Raffi knew what he was doing.

I would recommend them to anyone and look forward to going back in the future."
Andrea V. - Arlington, MA

     "6 years ago, my husband proposed with a ring that he spent a month of his after-tax salary to buy from the one of the largest largest jewelry chains stores in the US. I was wearing it happily until last month, when it was time to upgrade. The first time we upgraded the ring was to a 1.5 carat, and I was freaking out coming back to the store after 2 days having it because I felt like the diamond was chipped at the girdle. The store manager reassured me that any diamond would have some scars, but of course, that bothered me and I exchanged it. I ordered loose stone this time. When I picked it up, unlike purchasing a pre-made certified diamond ring, they didn't give me a penny discount. The store manager told me that when I bought loose stone, they would be just the middle man from whole seller to me, and they made no money. That was a big liar. I went home and did some research on Blue Niles, and felt like I paid 25%
more than what it would cost on the internet. And I came to Bedrosian at that time because my sister in law bought her ring from Bedrosian, and yes her ring was 7k less than what she would pay from a mall store. Raffi was really nice and honest, he gave me the quote, which was even less than what it was on Blue Nile. Of course, I went right back to the original mall jewelry store to return my ring. They offered to give me 20% discount right on the spot, but at that point, I didn't want to deal with them anymore because the deadline to return was approaching. I got my dream diamond stone the day after from Bedrosian, and the platinum plain Tiffany setting was even $100 lower than what I would pay for my 14k white gold setting at the mall store. Raffi offered to buy back my original stone at a really reasonable price. The trade-in was the only reason why I hesitated to go elsewhere from the original mall store that my husband purchased the ring from because I was afraid that I would lose so much money if I had gone outside of their network. If I knew it was that easy from the first place, I wouldn't have wasted my time dealing with them. The whole process took literally 2 months. Not only that Bedrosian's customer service was great, but their craftsmanship was also superior. I got my ring the same day that I came in, and it meant so much for me as it was my 5 years wedding anniversary. Raffi, and Carlo were always responsive on emails when I had questions, and his brother, Garo was really nice, too. Overall, it was a great experience, and I felt so good getting a great deal. Now I know where to go for jewelry purchases, and where to refer my friends to get their dream rings."
C.M. - Boston

"This place was the best for me great staff and great services!!!

Thank you Garo for all your help I will def. tell all my friends to go to BEDROSSIAN JEWELRY.  The price was great and they also clean my extra jewelry for no charge.

You guys are the best, will def. go back."
Paul k. - Waltham, MA - 5/21/2012

     "This place rocks! Garo helped us and he couldn't have been nicer. There is no pressure to buy. We were looking for our wedding rings/bands and had been to at least five other places. This place had the best price for us and they were friendly and kind and got us an appraisal for my engagement ring. I can't say enough. We got both of our bands there and couldn't be happier. Thank you, Bedrosian's and thank you Garo!"
Jocelyn W. - Charlestown, MA
          " EXCEPTIONAL

      I have been dealing with Raffi and Garo Bedrosian for almost 15 years now.  I trust only them with my important purchases.  If there were an option for five more stars in the rating they would get all ten!  They are patient, helpful, knowledgeable, trustworthy and offer great value with the products that they sell.  And this extends after the sale as well with exceptional service.  Their quality and workmanship is unparalleled.  You will be treated without any pressure and as if you are their only customer and you will leave knowing that you were offered the best quality jewelry for your money and you could not find any better anywhere else including online. You can absolutely buy from them with complete confidence as I have done for many years."
Patrick T. - Milton, MA
      "Bedrosian is the best Jeweler in Boston.  I bought my fiance's engagement ring and a pair of diamond earrings for her for Christmas from Bedrosian.  They have the best prices for high quality diamonds.  You can shop around if you want but trust me, don't waste your time.  Other Jewelers charge more money for less quality.  Also, the sales staff is outstanding.  Thanks again Bedrosian!  My fiance and I will see you soon for our wedding bands!"
      "Bedrosian was one of the first places I shopped, and then I shopped around. After feeling pressured from other jewelry stores and seeing how much they over charge for their merchandise, I went back to Bedrosian and purchased my fiance’s engagement ring.  It is a gorgeous ring!  Raffi was outstanding.  He did not pressure me at all.  If you are looking for an engagement ring don’t waste your time shopping around, go to Bedrosian, they are the best!
Thanks Raffi!"
Jason - Boston, MA
      "In early June '08 my then-girlfriend and I thought it would be fun to take a field trip to the Jeweler's Building and do some window shopping and get ourselves some hands-on (or eyes-on) experience with diamonds, settings, and as much information as goes with such things. Bedrosian was one of the first places we went to, as they are on the second floor, which is the first floor with businesses on it.

We were met by Garo Bedrosian, and at first glance he looks like a slick salesman, but he was attentive, informative and willing to go over any aspect of purchasing a diamond. He was very helpful and acted very much like he cared if we purchased something from his store. He treated us like the potential customers we were: with respect and helpfulness.

We saw an excellent-looking diamond for a really good price, and my gf decided on a setting that she wanted (she had been going back and forth between a few different settings) and Bedrosian had the setting on display. Garo allowed her to put the ring on and he placed the diamond in the setting just to give us an idea of what the final ring would look like.

Afterwards, we left the store and checked out a whole bunch of other places. Some people were as nice and helpful as Garo but their selection wasn't on par with our tastes; some had a beautiful selection but were way overpriced and the staff was hesitant to help, or could care less if we bought anything.

At the end of the day, we both left with a very good impression of Bedrosian. The next day I called Garo and asked if he could hold on to that diamond we looked at and that I'd be in that weekend to buy it. He said that was no problem.

I went in and paid for it (TIP: When shopping for a ring, offer to pay in cash. The business won't have to pay a credit card processing fee, and that should be reflected in the price.) They validated my parking (they only validate with a purchase) and they told me they would need to make the setting from scratch as the display setting was a size and a half smaller than my gf's ring finger. They said I should be able to pick it up the following Friday or Saturday the latest (6-7 days). That following Thursday they called to tell me the ring was ready and I picked it up the next day, ready to surprise my girlfriend with it that Saturday (she knew I was saving, but didn't know how much I had saved).

The service was quick and painless and extremely helpful. The prices are right. Garo is the only person I really dealt with, so I can't say how the other staff is. But if Garo is any indication of the quality, then this is a great place.

She said yes, by the way. Completely caught her off guard, too. It was awesome."
Charlie W. - Winthrop, MA
         "My fiance and I went shopping for engagement rings together because I had an exact idea of what I wanted, but no rings I had found pics of precisely fit the bill. After limited success with the ground-floor shops in downtown crossing (no one could give us what I wanted in our price range), we went up into the Jeweler's building and walked into Bedrosian. Garo was awesome! He gave us a great price on diamond (about 15% under Blue Nile price with the exact same specs--and GIA cert), and worked with me to help design the exact, antique-style hand-engraved platinum band I wanted, all for a price within our budget. Now that it's on my finger, I can say it is exactly what I imagined in my head, and the most beautiful thing I've ever seen! Amazing experience!"
Nicole N. - Brookline, MA
      "I just had to write a review because I had a very different experience from the only review up here.

My fiance and I went to the Jewelers Exchange building in Downtown Crossing, and went in more than a handful of stores looking for a ring.  Bedrosian was the first store we went in, and after going through the whole building, we came back here to buy my ring.  The staff was very friendly, helpful, patient, even educational.  The store is bright and attractive, and while the (visible) selection isn't enormous, it seems to be of very high quality.  The prices seemed very reasonable as well.

They told us the ring would need to be resized, but it would only take a few days.  It did only take a few days, and the ring looks perfect!  No seams, still a circle, etc.  I would definitely recommend Bedrosian Jewelry to friends."
Emily H. - Charlestown, MA

    "A friend of mine went here for her engagement/wedding rings, and she was so thrilled with the quality and service that she recommended them to my fiance.  My fiance got my engagement ring from here, and I think that they are great jewelers!  I needed to get my ring resized, and they did an excellent job.  Garo (one of the owners) remembers me when I visit (to look at the matching wedding band) and always offers to clean my ring and check it to make sure everything is fine.  It's unfortunate that someone else had a not-so-great experience, for I think that they are wonderful."
Margot D. - Boston, MA

      "I went here based on a recommendation from a good friend and I ended up getting the perfect engagement ring here. Engagement ring shopping is stressful enough so it was nice to only go to one place and get that perfect ring without being ripped off. The salesman named Garo is the most helpful there. He comes across as being very stiff and formal, but he is really nice and patient and he doesn't pressure you to buy anything right then and there.

The prices are reasonable after doing some comparative research using online sites like and It's a little strange though when you ask the price of something they take out a calculator and punch a lot of buttons. Every day it's different buttons and a different discount, but in general it's a lot lower than the sticker price and that's not a bad thing.

You will end up having to pay cash or with a bank check in order to obtain the lowest prices, but it's worth it if you have the cash in the bank. My wife loved her ring so much we ended up coming back here to buy our wedding bands and any time we're in Downtown Xing we'll stop by for a free ring cleaning."
Brian W. - Waltham, MA

      "A friend of ours recommended Bedrosian as having friendly service and the best prices in the Boston Jeweler’s Building for high quality diamonds.  They bought their bridal sets from Bedrosian over 10 years ago and had been happy with the service ever since.  I was lucky enough to be able to go shopping for my engagement ring with my fiance.  We visited Bedrosian first and last because they promised to match the price of any equivalent diamond in the building.  It turned out that no other jeweler’s prices or selection could even come close.  Raffi and his brother Garo were both very friendly, there was no pressure and they patiently let me try on setting after setting until I found the perfect one.   Bedrosian had a very beautiful selection of Asscher cut stones which was exactly what I wanted.  Raffi is a GIA certified gemologist in diamonds and his brother Garo is certified in gemstones.  They were professional, attentive and patient- taking the time to answer all our questions about diamond and wedding band metal characteristics, and were also flexible on payment methods.  When we picked up the engagement ring, they even provided us with a complimentary appraisal for insurance purposes.  They offer hand engraving for the wedding bands, and we both feel confident they will continue to provide great service for our bridal sets.  I love my gorgeous ring, thanks again Raffi and Garo!"
Heather Cowen - Wellesley, MA

     "While looking for the perfect engagement ring, I had gone through many of the vendors in the Jewelers Exchange building, but stopped once I entered Bedrosian. This was many years ago. Since then I have been there many times to make purchases for special occasions etc. Each time I enter the store I am treated almost like family, and I am always treated as if I am the most important customer they have. It is reassuring, when making such a purchase, that you feel comfortable with the decision. Each and Every time the service is exceptional, like no other! We have now been married for 17 years and have sent many of our friends to see Raffi and Garo, we would only send the ones closest to us to the people we trust! I look forward to my next purchase!"
Len Hartwell

     "I was a bit nervous going ring shopping with my now fiancee given the big decision and the amount of money involved. Initially I considered getting the stone online, given the common knowledge that online stores don't have to pay rent, so their prices should be lower. So, in we go at the Bedrosians, with the intention of just looking at some stones and settings. However, as soon as I saw the diamond Garo showed us, I fell in love with it. It had the characteristics we were looking for (actually it was slightly bigger than what we were looking for), and in addition, it was simply beautiful. We were a bit afraid to ask about the price, thinking it would have had a high mark-up to the average price online. Garo really surprised us with the quote. He was offering the stone at a lower price than the various online stores I had checked! This obviously put a very big smile on our faces, since we realized that it meant avoiding all the headaches associated with buying a diamond online and all the problems and the frustrations that could arise, in case you were not happy with it. Needless to say that we decided to get the ring there and then. My fiancee picked up the ring 3 days later, and it was simply beautiful. In addition to the price, we are very happy with their service as well, as they were very accommodating to all of our requests. Overall, I would recommend this place to every to-be fiancee, looking for the perfect ring and a smooth process without being ripped-off."
Siria G. - Boston, MA
333  Washington  St. -  Suite  220,  Boston,  MA